cara menurunkan berat badan golongan darah

cara menurunkan berat badan golongan darah How to lose weight based on blood group is one way to get the ideal body weight on a diet. Lose weight by blood type diet is believed to provide maximum results .

Actually blood type diet has been controversial , many who agree or vice versa. Because the human body is very complex and numerous factors that cause weight gain can go up or down . But if you're intrigued by the blood group diet , then listen completely full review below.

Why is blood type diet is believed to help lose weight ?

As a book written Peter J. D' Adamo , ND , entitled "Eat Right for Your Type: The Diet Solution to Staying individualized Healthy , Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight" that certain foods can have a menu well in groups and can be rather influential not good at any other blood type . This happens because the blood greatly affects the digestive system and metabolism in the body . By knowing the right foods based on blood type diet program so you can become more successful .

Here are a few guidelines based on blood type diet as quoted from .

How To Lose Weight Blood Group A
The food menu that can be consumed blood group A are vegetable protein , such as soy , whole grains , and organic vegetables Perbanyak consumption . Choose a lightweight sports as a healthy way can also launch the metabolic system of the body.

How To Lose Weight Blood Type B
For type B blood type , matching food menu is low-fat milk , and meat , it is better to avoid wheat , malt , corn and lentils. As for athletics , blood type B should run pretty athletic and not overweight.

How To Lose Weight Blood Type O
Blood type O can consume food menu such as lean meat, poultry, and fish . And advised to limit the intake of sesame seeds , bread , nuts and matching heavy workouts , such as lifting weights.

How To Lose Weight Blood Type AB
Last for blood type AB should avoid food menu chicken , beef pork, and more inclined to seafood menu , know , and milk for AB blood group usually has a sensitive digestive tract . While athletic fit is a soothing exercise , like yoga and meditation .

It's not all diet programs can fit in everyone , some successful some not . To keep in mind is if the food menu in the larger body of the activities we do , the body fixed energy advantages . This resulted in body weight remained unchanged or even be able to ride . Have fun!

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