ketahui cara membakar lemak anda dengan efektif dan cepat

ketahui cara membakar lemak anda dengan efektif dan cepat To be able to burn fat, cardio exercise is actually one of the exercises that can give maximum results . Yet many people who do not have much spare time to do cardio training .

With the accumulation of fat burning course can lose weight little by little to target your ideal weight is reached. To create such things , of course you'll need to do some exercises that are effective for scraping excess fat .
How to Burn Fat

For those who do not have much spare time , here you only need 9 minutes each day to be able to burn fat optimally. To get started, follow some of the following tips as quoted from .

Jumping Squat For 15 Seconds

How to do it:

    First , take a squat position Up through the thighs are parallel to the floor.
    View pictures as well , doing jumps in the sky.
    Then return to the starting position, to do the jump again .

Step Up For 15 Seconds

How to do it:

    Take a standing position with his body erect and both hands placed next to the waist .
    The right foot was on the bench and left foot still on the floor.
    Then raise your left foot on the bench and then lower back .
    Repeat the movement as in the picture as well as you like then alternate with your right foot to perform these movements .

Superman For 15 seconds

stages of Implementation

    Position face on the floor with arms and legs straight position as shown.
    Then lift your arms and legs so similar to the motion of flying .
    Lower back then repeat this motion.

For 15 seconds Plank Punch

how to do it

    The initial step to take the position of a push up .
    Body burden concentrated in his hands .
    Then lift your right hand straight ahead with hands clenched position . Lower the right arm back to its original position .
    Repeat the movement for the left hand .

Squat Thrust For 15 seconds

How to do it:

    From a standing position , lower the body such as the time of motion squat with both hands straight down almost sticking to the floor.
    Second leg jump back to push up position as shown.
    From the push -up position , jump both feet forward until back to the starting position and repeat the movement at the top.
    Rest 60-90 seconds.

You can repeat the above five exercises three times with a pause of 60 seconds between circuits to be over 9 minutes . Have fun!

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