cara mengecilkan perut buncit alami dan cepat

cara mengecilkan perut buncit alami dan cepat There are important steps that must be performed on the program how to shrink belly fat that you do . If you are careless in doing so , the ideal slim stomach may just be a dream .

Having a flat stomach and six pack is a dream of all people , not only men but also women . By having a slim stomach can certainly increase confidence . However, to obtain these results , a lot of people through the instant that one such ria starve . There are several steps that you can do the following .

Improve diet
Diet is one very important point in the stomach shrink or lose weight . As hard as any exercise you do will not give the maximum effect if your diet is still a mess . For example, you still consume ten pieces of fried food every day or other . Limit high -fat protein sources or fried , and replace the carbohydrate source with a complex carbohydrate like brown rice or oatmeal . Additionally multiply also consume vegetables and fruits .

Burn fat first
If you have belly fat and doing sit ups , then you are wrong strategy . Sit ups can not burn fat as sit ups or form serves to sculpt your abdominal muscles so that more sixpack . If you are forced to do sit ups then it may be useless because your stomach muscles will not be visible due to covered by excess fat deposits . The initial step you should do is to burn fat first degan do cardio exercises such as jogging , cycling , or swimming .

But if you do not have much time to exercise , then you can try High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT which can also burn fat effectively .

Skip the sit ups and do the following exercises
Does your stomach start to erode and little visible change ? If so then now is the time to start sculpting your stomach to make it look more beautiful . We recommend that you do not rush to do sit ups movement . Perform multijoint movements such as squats or pull up the abdominal muscles more effectively than isolation movements like sit-ups . You also can do a bicycle crunch .

By doing some of the steps above , then the belly fat can be eroded bit by bit . Do not forget to be balanced with a healthy lifestyle so that you do not exercise futile . If you love sports like basketball , football or running , then you are a little closer to betuk sixpack stomach , slim and beautiful . Good luck

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