cara alami mengecilkan perut tanpa olahraga

cara alami mengecilkan perut tanpa olahraga How to shrink the stomach without exercise you can do in a way to avoid certain foods that can cause increased belly distended and also certain foods that can cope with the distended stomach .

As well as losing weight , to be able to get the ideal slim stomach does require time , effort and patience . But by doing a small change in diet , then you can make big changes so that stomach look slimmer and slimmer . Can not wait to try it out ? Go see the review in full below .

Should Food Consumed
Consumption of healthy foods
Diet does not mean you do not eat at all , you just have to eat 5-6 times but in small portions . By not eating and starve it will accumulate more fat and faster . In addition, if you do not eat at all , then the body's metabolism can be disrupted . To accelerate the body's metabolism , you need to consume a healthy diet rich in protein , good fats and complex carbohydrates .

For your protein intake can include legumes such as peas , soybeans , almonds , hazelnuts , and walnuts , are also sources of animal protein such as milk or low-fat yogurt , chicken , eggs , and lean meat , and rich protein source that is also healthy fats such as fish .

As for the source of healthy fats , you can get it from olive oil , flaxseed oil , sunflower oil , and avocado .

For a source of carbohydrates , diet consumption such as brown rice , whole grain , or fruit such as grapes , strawberries , apples , and green vegetables like spinach , and others.

Choose healthy drinks
Healthy beverages such as yogurt drinks , fruit juices , vegetable juices and low-fat milk . Because there are several drinks that contain high enough calories such as soft drinks , syrup , or alcohol can make the abdomen more distended .

Drinking mineral water is sufficient
Water in the body serves to facilitate the digestive system and metabolism as well as facilitating better absorption of nutrients . Therefore it is sufficient for the body's mineral water is very important to consume eight glasses of mineral water per day .

Food to Avoid
Raw food and big portions
Raw foods and foods with a large portion of your digestive tract can expand with the extra volume . Nutrients obtained from a half cup of cooked carrots is equal to one cup of raw carrots . Therefore, the consumption of vegetables that have been cooked to meet nutritional needs .

Foods high in sodium
Usually sodium or salt or a spice often found in processed foods . Sodium has properties that can attract water . Avoid consuming sodium higher than usual amounts , as it can make you save more fluid can lead to feelings of lethargy , body looks more swollen and excess water weight .

chewing gum
It turns out that the frequent chewing gum can also make a distended abdomen . This is because a lot of swallowed air and stuck in the gastrointestinal tract as a result of chewing gum . The trapped air can cause pressure , and abdominal bloating be great .

Avoid junk food
Fast food , chocolate and snacks such as crisps and the like have no nutritional value at all . But avoid these foods because it can make your stomach more bloated . Switch to consume more nutritious foods for the body .

Immediately doing lifestyle changes to avoid some of the diet can lead to increasingly distended stomach and replace it with some diet recommended above . Good luck !

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