cara mengecilkan perut bawah pria

cara mengecilkan perut bawah pria How to shrink the stomach , especially the lower abdomen can be very easy if you focus and do it sincerely . Because most people who fail to shrink the stomach are those who do half - half , undisciplined and lazy . Therefore you have to do is create a program that you continue menerut hinga slim stomach targets can be achieved .

Not only people who have belly fat who wants to have a beautiful belly . There are also people who already have a flat stomach but still want a sixpack stomach so that it can improve self-esteem . To shrink the lower abdomen , there are some exercises that you can try at home without having to go to the gym . Go see the exercises to shrink the lower abdomen below as quoted from

The first thing you should do to train the lower abdominal muscles is the basic level of training to know this . Here are some basic movements to exercise the lower abdomen .

Reverse Crunch

This exercise should be done on a decline bench . The first step to lay down on the bench , then make sure your back is not arched . After that, the movement slowly lift your knees toward your chest by contracting the lower abdominal muscles . Remove your foot and repeat until some of this can be done set.Latiha

leg Walks

To perform leg walks , you can lie on your back , but the hand still tucked under the buttocks to make sure that your back straight . After that lift both legs like in the image without bending the knee to 90 degrees from the floor . Then remove one leg to the floor slowly but did not touch the floor , until only a few inches above the floor . Maintain this position for several minutes after it was brought back to the top of the foot at 90 degrees . Do it again for the other foot . You can do this exercise 8-10 times for both legs .
Lower abdominal exercises are very complex , not only specialized stomach alone , but also involves leg strength . You can combine these exercises with cardio exercises so that besides being able to make more flat stomach can also lose weight maximum . Good luck !

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