benefits of lemon water and cinnamon

benefits of lemon water and cinnamon Many health experts advise to drink warm water with lemon juice shortly after waking . Although it tastes sour , lemon fruit is a food that are alkaline , which can maintain the pH balance of the body to be preserved and protected health of various diseases . This is some other reason why you are advised to drink warm lemon water in the morning .

1 . Tonic for Liver
Practitioners food combining , Erikar Lebang said , water with lemon juice in the morning is very good for maintaining liver health . After a night of work to filter out toxins in the body from unhealthy food , the liver needs a tonic to maintain its function . The morning is the best time to give ' gifts ' to the liver , but make sure you do not eat anything 20 minutes before or after drinking .

2 . Replacing liquid electrolytes
At night , the body is dehydrated for about 6-7 hours . That is why we often feel sluggish when you wake up in the morning . Drinking water alone is not enough , you need to replace it with a liquid electrolyte . Rather than drinking bottled drinks that contain electrolytes , will be healthier if you eat them from natural sources . Experts nutrition and healthy lifestyle dr . Phaidon L. Thoruan say , lemon juice gives the effect as ' electric ' for the body . Make the body become more fresh and no longer sleepy after waking .

3 . Improve Endurance Body
Citrus fruits , including lemons its high content of vitamin C and plays an important role in maintaining the body's immune system . Lemon also contains antimicrobial agents distanced And of attack the virus that causes colds and influenza . In addition to ascorbic acid contained in the lemon water also helps absorption of iron is to increase endurance .

4 . Maintain Healthy Digestion
Pectin , a type of soluble fiber found in lemons help reduce hunger and make the stomach feel full longer . Fiber in lemons also maintain digestive health by getting rid of substances as well as the rest of the food is not useful for the body out through the dirt .

5 . Generating Energy
No more need to consume energy drinks in containers that contain artificial sweeteners , artificial flavorings and preservatives . There is an option that is more natural and healthier to make your re- powered , ie with lemon juice . Lemon water helps hydrate and oxygen circulation in the body , so you feel more refreshed and energized .

6 . Speeding Metabolism
As described previously , the lemon helps detoxify the liver and the expenditure of these toxins also accelerate the burning of fat at the same time . Your body's metabolism to burn calories and fat even be increased as much as 33 percent benefits of lemon dr oz.

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