benefits of lipton lemon iced tea

benefits of lipton lemon iced tea During the tea within reasonable limits and follow the existing guidelines, the tea will nourish and refresh. In order to obtain the benefits of drinking tea your hobby, then there are a few things you should consider, among other things:

     Drinking tea in a day up to 5 cups of tea, with the size of the cup is 200 ml.
     Should you drink tea at least 1-2 hours before and after eating the main meal, because some nutrients can be inhibited by the absorption of active substances of tea
     If you menggunnakan teabag, should not be too long soak in hot water, at least not only about 2-3 minutes, for allegedly bag of tea bags containing clorine that will melt during the process of brewing tea.
     The tea should be enjoyed in warm conditions (65 degrees Celsius) so that all the goodness of tea is not damaged due to over-heating is not in hot conditions (above 70 degrees Celsius), as could be expected to increase the risk of throat cancer

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