toric colored contact lenses astigmatism

toric colored contact lenses astigmatism Then watch your mascara anyway. Avoid products that cause clots and create results that are too rigid. Such products can cause mascara flakes fall and into the eye. Therefore, it is recommended that contact lens users choose the traditional formula with mascara with a plastic brush. Then lift the eyelid when applying the mascara mascara that did not go inside.

4. Avoid Eyeliner Pencil
There is also a good idea to avoid wearing eyeliner pencil tangible. Especially for the lower part of the eye. It is feared will make contact lenses become dirty and cause problems. The solution, you can try eyeliner gel formula.

5. Makeup Nude
According to celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes, preferably light colored contact lens wearers apply makeup berpalet nude and minimalist. The display will further highlight eye color. HINARI make-up that is too dramatic because it would seem ludicrous.

6. Highlight
Make-up can indeed accentuate eye color. Scott also suggested makeup bernuasa monochrome or silver. "Try the peach-colored blush or bronzer sparkling. You will be surprised how much they can accentuate your eyes," advises Scott.

7. Purple Eyeshadow
People who wear contact lenses often want to accentuate the look of his eyes. Therefore, do not apply eye shadow the same color with the color of your eyes. For those of you who do not want to look too minimalist with a nude eye makeup, can try purple palette. According to Scott, purple is the color that is safe and will not look excessive, especially for brown eyes.

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